Razor Wire

Razor barbed wire tape has apparently become the most popular high-class fencing wire for not only military and national security applications, but also for cottage and society fence, and other private buildings.

Some samples of razor wire usage:

  • Military fields, Boarders, prisons, Arsenals, Detention houses, National security facilities and etc.
  • Government buildings; Ministries, Embassies.
  • Telecommunication, Gas, Electricity posts.
  • Water pumping areas.
  • Petrol companies.
  • Airports.
  • Industrial areas and Factories.
  • Storage houses.
  • Farms and Gardens.
  • Villas and Residential Complexes.

Advantages of razor wire:

  • Sharper.
  • More rigid.
  • More difficult to cut.
  • Neater than normal barbed Wire.

Materials Quality:

  • 5mm hot-dipped galvanized steel 120gr/m2.
  • 2.5mm high carbon galvanized wire.


Blade Types of Razor Wire which we supply:


Folad Fanavar Pars, provides two types of Razor Wire that is cross and flat wrap, for customers’ choice according to your budget and installation needs. We can also design and produce barbed tape to meet your specific requirements.

We produce both galvanized or stainless steel razor wire, but hot dipped galvanized razor wire is economic in compare of stainless steel razor wire. It has bright and beautiful blade in various types, and offers good corrosion resistance. Razor wire can be supplied in single coils, crossed coils or flat wrap.